Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeals

• Assessment Appeals – These include: triennial assessments, petitions for review (out of cycle appeals); and 60-Day appeals (upon the transfer of a property). We represent clients from the assessor level through the Maryland Tax Court (and beyond if needed).
• New Construction Assessment Appeals
• Penalty Appeals
• Tracking New Assessments
• Exemption Applications
• Agricultural Assessment Applications
• Advice and preparation of income and expense questionnaires (this is very important in order that only the required information is supplied).
• Everything related to Maryland Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeals.

Sales and Use Tax

• Legal advice and planning to minimize Maryland Sales and Use Tax Liabilities
• Representation for audits – from the time the auditor contacts you through the court system.
• Refunds
• Reverse Sales & Use Tax Audits
• Exemption Applications

Personal Property Tax

• Advice and planning to minimize personal property tax liability
• Refund Applications
• Personal Property Return Preparation
• Representation for Personal Property Audits

Transfer & Recordation Tax

• Advice and planning to minimize the transfer and recordation tax liability
• Representation for appealing erroneous transfer and recordation taxes